About Kalluna

An ambitious server that aims to bring back the nostalgia of Early Post-BigBang content, providing a better balanced gameplay as well as improvements towards peer-to-peer aspects with totally no P2W.

EXP Rate: 2x
Meso Rate: 2x
Drop Rate: 2x
Version: v111.1

Players Online: 48
Server Time -


Class Rebalance

Balanced classes with multiple QoLs Improvements implemented through feedbacks given from our community.

Party Plays

Holy Symbol is reworked such that players are awarded more EXP based on the party members active.


Fully functioning Ardentmil including Alchemy's Extractor, allowing players to do more trades, improving the P2P aspects of the game.

(No Multi Client)

Our custom launcher ensures that only one instance of Kalluna is running at at time to encourage more p2p interaction and gameplay

Daily Monster Park

Rewards are automatically rotated daily, giving players a large variety of exclusive rewards everyday!

No P2W/V2W

Rest assured that all core content of the game is only obtained through hardwork!

HP Gains

Custom Content: Players are guaranteed to obtain at least 22K-30K HP by late game without any equipment!

Boss Expedition

Limited entries daily with Damage Requirement Checks. Guaranteed instanced rewards for participants that achieve minimum damage dealt.


Functional Family Buffs and Item/Meso Drop Rates Potential to spice up the game!